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About Me & My Mission

Hi! I'm Alex Toth, a Lead Lighting & Compositing artist, working on full 3D commercials and game cinematics.
I have 40+ published full CG projects, with multiple hundreds of shots. Including Assassins Creed trailers and 2 episodes of the Netflix series Love Death & Robots.
I took part in lighting all the images of this website.

During my career, I've been tasked plenty of times with helping out junior artists taking their first steps in the CGI/Animation industry, now I decided to share this knowledge I gained along the way with a wider public.

I'm a self-taught CG artist, so I have been through hundreds, if not thousands of 3D Tutorial videos on youtube.
The difficulty of learning alone is no stranger to me.

CGI MasterClass should give you a headstart at becoming a lighting artist while gaining some industry insight along the way.

Can you learn this stuff for free online? Absolutely!
But it will require much more time and endurance.
My mission is to get you there in a fraction of the time!​

Spend less time searching for tutorials and spend more time practicing your craft!

I created this Lighting Course to have all the essentials in one place. The goal is to have a go-to dictionary with all the essential keywords when it comes to 3d lighting theory and practice.

Get in touch with Me directly on LinkedIn! I'm happy to talk about everything mentioned above.

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Do you have a student discount?

YES, we do. We offer our courses at a discount to full-time students. If you lack the financial background to found the course of your choice, we can help you out. Although to get this benefit you have to prove yourself! You have to send us a render of your finest CG work to apply for the discount! Contact us for more info.

What is your refund policy?

We offer a 10 day 100% money-back guarantee. This offer only stands if you have put in the effort. We are working on an automated system but until we get there, these requests are handled personally.

Do you offer online one-on-one coaching?

That's something I'm planning for the near future. Since no one is good at everything, I'm looking up people in my network to provide you with a wider range of support both in technical and artistic fields, for all different skill levels.

What financial plans do you offer?

Currently, we are only able to offer one-time payment structure, but we are working on implementing a 12-month payment plan.

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