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Comprehensive Theory of 3D Lighting

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Course length

3+ Hours

Course Corriculum
Comprehensive Theory of 3D Lighting


Alex Toth

Hi, I'm Alex Toth, Lead Lighting and Compositing Artist for Full CG Animated Cinematics and Commercials. I'm creater of and this Course.

About the course

This course teaches you all the fundamentals of 3D lighting.
Once you finished this course, you'll have a much deeper understanding of Lights, Materials, Cinematography, and Computer Generated Imagery in general.

Who Is This Program For?

Aspiring Lighting Artists

If you have the goal to become a Lighting Artist, this course can give you a running start.

Having solid fundamentals is a key to understand the technicalities of the Art of Lighting.

Entry Level CG Artists

Rendering is nothing more than calculating Light behavior.

ANY 3D Artists, who have started working professionally, but yet unsure about how and why lighting and rendering work the way it does.

Mid Level CG Artists

Are You a character artist looking to improve your renders?

Learn the fundamentals of Lighting Techniques used in Hollywood!


Or a Lighting Artist who knows HOW but doesn't know WHY?

It's for you!

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