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No more talking, let's get into it!

Enjoy these Pre-Recorded Lessons and CG Lighting Tutorials and learn about all kind of different topic related to Lighting CGI and VFX.


Lighting Theory - Light Types and Parameters

( Houdini + Arnold Edition )

FREE  /  On-Demand  /  Pre-Recorded  /  Duration :  15 min

This lesson is all about the parameters of each light type within the Render Engine.
Do you know what penumbra or the angle parameters represent?
How do you change the shadow quality of a spotlight?
What are the most common use cases for each light type?

This lesson answers these questions while providing useful animated pre-rendered graphics to demonstrate the different effects.

Once you go through this lesson, you should be able to bend the 3d lights according to your needs, and never worry about not knowing how to achieve the desired effect.


Character Shading & Lighting - Shader Reconstruction from AOVs in Nuke.

FREE  /  On-Demand  /  Pre-Recorded  /  Duration :  14 min

This lesson is all about how you can shuffle out AOV render passes and reconstruct a complex skin shader in a physically accurate way.
This lesson has some prerequisites, like knowledge about light behavior, light and material interaction, additive light mixing, color management, and some other fields.

If you are not familiar with these concepts, I advise you to check out our Theoretical lessons, where we dive deep into these topics.


Introduction To Houdini - Interface & Rendering With Arnold

FREE  /  On-Demand  /  Pre-Recorded  /  Duration :  31 min

In this lesson, you'll be introduced to the default houdini interface, in a beginner-friendly way.
The Lesson is structured in a way that provides a straightforward path from placing your first geometry to rendering your first image.
We will talk about the Scene View, Network View, and the Parameters tab, and explain all the important buttons and their functionalities while providing examples for easier learning.


Lighting Theory - Physics Of Light /

Why is the Sky Blue?

FREE  /  On-Demand  /  Pre-Recorded  /  Duration :  7 min

Do you know how your eyes work?
Do you know what's the common attribute of Visible Light and the Radio Waves your phone uses?
Do you know why the Sky is Blue and the Sun is Yellow?

In this lesson, we will provide an answer for all of those questions, and introduce you to the basic Light and Material interactions.
Learning more about how these work, in reality, is a MUST, to understand what those buttons in your 3D material editor do.

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